James Drake is the founder and leader of the Clave. Rather than supernatural talents, Drake relies on his strategic capabilities. 


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If his personality was to be summed up in a single sentence, Drake could be best described as sadistic, manipulative and frighteningly resourceful. In essence, Drake is a borderline sociopath, showing very little concern for the well-being of most people. He is not above deceit or betrayal as he tends to view people as something he can use rather than peers. He is the kind to lie, cheat and steal to get what he wants. Domineering and strong-willed, Drake generally tends to remain in control of his emotions and while occasional hints of his inner loneliness appear, he rarely allows others to know when they have affected him.

Physical Appearance

James is tall, with a lean-muscled physique, shaven head, bright smile and green eyes.

Powers and Abilities


Resurrective Immortality: Due to a deal he made with a demon, whenever Drake reaches the point of death, he regenerates from any and all injuries within a few hours, being resurrected and restored to the condition he was when the deal was made, rendering him effectively immortal. When non-fatally injured, he heals at slightly higher than normal human rate. He has recovered from having his heart ripped out, having his neck snapped, being shot, stabbed, decapitated, asphyxiated, drowned, starved, and incinerated.


Magic: Despite his apparent immortality, he can still be affected and possibly even killed by powerful magic and enchanted objects.

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