Memphis is a psychic from South Africa.


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To most, Memphis is very hard to read, as he tends to be more reserved, not necessarily shy, but not very open. However, he can be very sarcastic, especially when around the few he calls his friends.

Physical Appearance

Powers and Abilities


Psychic Physiology: As a psychic, Memphis possesses the following powers:

  • Telekinesis: Memphis possesses the ability to psychically influence matter. Being limited only by his willpower and imagination, Memphis is capable of telekinetically moving and levitating massive objects, simultaneously manipulating hundreds of objects, unleashing powerful bolts of psychic force, controlling the trajectory of projectiles, launching small objects at incredible speeds, rapidly disassembling and assembling complex devices, and channeling psychic force through his body to temporarily augment his strength and simulate supersonic flight.


Advanced Covert Specialist: Having been trained by the Protectorate, Memphis is a master of hand-to-hand combat, swordsmanship, marksmanship, espionage, and infiltration.

Advanced Engineer: Despite his lack of formal training, Memphis displays a vast amounts of expertise in various fields of engineering, enabling him to create, repair, and modify almost any weapon or piece of machinery.


Shrapnel: Inside a small pouch, he carries shrapnel, which he could mentally command. These razor-sharp bits could be used as either projectiles or dispersed into a nearly inescapable cloud capable of turning concrete to dust and stripping flesh from bone.


Mortality: Memphis can still die and be killed like a human.

Physical Condition: Memphis’s ability to wield his psychic abilities effectively is dependent upon his physical condition and his ability to concentrate. If he is distracted, exhausted, or severely injured, overexerting himself can cause headaches, nosebleeds, or even loss of consciousness if taken to the extreme. The greater he exerts himself, the greater the physical and mental stress he undergoes.

Reliance on Hands: While Memphis is totally capable of utilizing his telekinetic abilities without using hand gestures, he seems to require the use of his hands for much larger feats, especially when manipulating multiple, large objects.

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