"The Pit is nothing more than a barren wasteland, inhabited by corrupted souls and the failed experiments of the gods."

The Pit is an awful realm created to imprison the most dangerous criminals and beasts in existence. Over time, it also became the destination of every soul that has failed to find peace.


According to Death, when demons threatened the survival of humanity, the Pit was created as a prison to isolate them. However, despite functioning as a prison, there are certain instances when its inhabitants were capable of escape. Some spells could summon creatures out of it.


The Pit appears to be a barren wasteland covered in blackened deserts, jagged mountains, and bottomless chasms in an almost perpetual dusk. Despite its seemingly infinite size, there are certain locations and bodies of water that are fixed, and are used as reference points when trying to locate something. While it seems devoid of tools and synthetic materials, there are enough basic objects found in it in order to form weapons and structures of differing sizes and shapes.

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